"Come, everyone, and clap your hands for joy!  Shout to God with joyful praise!  For the Lord Most High is awesome.  He is the great King of all the earth."    Psalm 47:1-2





Our Mission Statement:  "The Caddo Baptist Association is a cooperating body of local Southern Baptist churches existing for the purpose of glorifying God by enabling each church to fulfil it's unique mission for Christ and by providing channels for cooperative ministry."

Our Core Values:       We Value.....

  • The Clear Leadership of the Holy Spirit
  • The Bible as God's Word & our Written Authority for Ministry
  • The Absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ
  • Prayer as a Means of determining God's Will for our Ministry
  • The People of Caddo County, believing that each person has the need to hear and understand the Gospel
  • Worship as an Essential Part of the Believers Allegiance to God
  • Christian Education for both Lay-Leaders and Ministerial Staff
  • Fellowship & Unity within the Churches and Communities
  • Family and the role of Marriage & Parenting

The role of the Association is to "equip and resource pastors and other church leaders to do what God has called them uniquely to do."


Pray that God will use you and your church to push back the darkness in your community and that you would rescue the lost, heal the hurting, and preach restoration to that which is broken (Jeremiah 29:7)